What a great idea!

Have you ever looked up to see water dripping from your ceiling because an AC condensate drain line got clogged? That gets expensive fast!  Or maybe your tenant called you to say there’s water pooling in her light fixture; you subsequently learn that the garbage disposal drain in your tenant apartment upstairs became clogged and water overflowed when he ran his dishwasher.

Now there’s an INEXPENSIVE (as low as $5.00!), EFFECTIVE way to help prevent that ever happening again.  Flood Buzz is a simple, stand-alone device that can be placed inside air handlers, behind washing machines, on water heaters, under sinks, or just about anywhere else a potentially damaging leak might occur. The moment a leak develops, Flood Buzz emits a 110-decibel alarm. This can be all it takes to catch a leak before it turns into a mess.

How Flood Buzz Works

The Flood Buzz™ Pro has two metal prongs on the bottom of each unit. When water comes in contact with the metal prongs, it closes the circuit and sounds an up to 110 dB alarm. Since the Flood Buzz™ Pro comes with an integral battery that lasts for up to three years, all you have to do is place the unit next to any potential leak source. The unit is maintenance free until you replace it. For best performance, Flood Buzz™ Pro should be replaced before the “Replace by” date printed on the chimney.

I REALLY LIKE this product and have decided to add it to my growing list of Good Ideas for Commercial Building Owners. Hit me on my Contact Me page or give me a call to learn more.